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Will I need to subscribe to Sky to receive Glory TV on Sky?

No. To receive Glory TVyou do not need to subscribe to Sky. You can receive none subscription channels for free with both a Sky receiver and a freesat receiver.

I am thinking of taking a caravan trip to the continent, will I be able to use my satellite equipment in Europe to recieve Glory TV?

Yes, you will be able to use your satellite equipment in Europe to receive Glory TV for free.

Satellite television will work all over Europe; however the further away from the UK you go the larger the satellite dish needs to be.

Will I need a special receiver pacifically designed to work in Europe when I travel to the continent?

No, you just require a standard Sky or freesat receiver.

My house /caravan already has an aerial attached, can I use this to pick up satellite TV with?

No, you need a satellite dish to pick up the satellite signal. You will often be able to pick up freeview with the aerial as long as your house /caravan is in a good signal area.

If you go abroad then a freeview box will certainly not work.

When I tune the TV into satellite receiver the picture is a very poor quality!

Firstly check that all your connections between the receiver and the television are all correct. If everything is OK, you may need to retune your satellite receiver.

I have Cable TV at home; can I purchase a Sky dish and just take my Cable box from home when I go on holiday?

No. You need a proper Sky or freesat receiver.

Can I use a freeview digital receiver with my house or caravan to recieve Glory TV?

No,  Glory TV is not available on Freeview.

Freeview is different to freesat.  Freeview is designed to work in conjunction with an aerial not a satellite dish. The freeview box should work fine with an aerial as long as you are in a good signal area (but not for  Glory TV).  In poor reception areas and abroad it will not work. This is one of the main advantages of a satellite dish is that it should work nearly every where, including Europe.

I have quite a large house or caravan. Can I watch Sky in more than one room?

Yes. There are two options available. You can run two separate satellite receivers from one dish with a dual output LNB. This method is like having two separate satellite systems. Or you can use something called a magic eye. This sends the signal from your Sky receiver to a second room and allows you to change the channels on the receiver in the second room.