Buy an Advert package on any of our web pages and let your business be seen by thousands of our visitors.  

We offer Adverts as Text Link and image Banner Adverts. A text link is a title or phrase (maximum 30 characters) that when clicked, our visitor is redirected to your website/blog. The choice of your title or phrase determines the number of users that click your link. It is very important to choose your words carefully.

Banner Adverts are images or animated images in jpg, jpeg, bmp or gif format. If you do not have a banner, use can use the same space with text.  Your banner must be hosted in your website however we can host your banner for a small fee. Business owners and affiliates may take this opportunity to attract traffic to their website, blog or affiliate link.

We offer permanent and rotated Advert packages for displaying on different pages of GloryTV.co.uk.  If you purchase a permanent Advert space, your banner will be permanent for the time period purchased, that is, your Advert/banner will not be in rotation with other Adverts. You can also post video Adverts.

All advertising on this website is managed by GWM Media, For more information please write to info@gwmmedia.com or use the contact  form at the bottom of this page.

Glory TV does not allow, gambling, erotic, any type of nudity or gambling related adverts or promotions on our platform. We reserve the right to refuse such bookings or remove such adverts  from this website without prior notification.  

Choose a Web Advertising Package from the list below to get started.

Website Advertising Options

Don’t have a banner?

For a small fee, our affiliate graphics designers at Gwmmedia.com can create website banners for your business in several sizes and formats for you to use on GloryTV.co.uk or different website:

– 300 x 250 Banner
– 300 x 50 Mobile advert board
– 468 x 60 Banner
– 728 x 90 Advert board
– 800 x 90 Advert Board
– 250 x 250 Square
– 200 x 200 Small square
– 336 x 280 Large rectangle
– 300 x 250 Inline rectangle
– 120 x 600 Skyscraper
– 160 x 600 Wide skyscraper

Create eye-catching images that open new doors to business and varied sales opportunities and can also increase awareness of your products and services. GWM Media have experienced graphic designers with great web and television expirience, the combination of their work makes your banner vibrant and attractive. They can also create a promotional banner that appeals to your target market, communicates your message effectively, complements your corporate brand, and encourages web users to visit your website and invest in your products and services.

Don’t have a banner and not interested in buying one?

You can still purchase a banner image Advert package and instead of an image, you can use the same space with text. We also accept HTML.

Have a banner but nowhere to host it?

GWMmedia.com can host your banner for a small monthly fee. When you buy Banner Hosting you receive a Banner Url through an email. This means that you can Advertise your banner on other websites as well as ours. When you host your banner with GWM Media, you get unlimited bandwidth, meaning that your banner will always be online and that it will show up on every website you Advertise irrespective of the number of impressions. Unlike with free websites (like ImageShack, Flickr, etc.) your banner is never deleted. You can contact GWm Media by writing to: info@gwmmedia.com

Still have more questions?

Use the form below to contact GWM Media with all your web advertising questions.

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